Kids love pirates! Rent “The Pirates of the Caribbean” and then go on a treasure hunt of your own.

Activity #1: Magical Rainbow Treasure Hunt
Brown Paper Lunch Bag
Small squares of different colored paper
Colorful candy (I used jellybeans in a ziploc bag)

Here's what you do:
Before you begin, and when your kids are not looking, place the “treasure” in the bag (the candy)
Lay the colored paper squares out on the floor or table.
The child chooses a colored square then goes around the house to find something that is the same color. Next, they bring it back and put it in the bag. Depending on the size of your bag ask them to look for big or small things. (Make sure they don't look in the bag as they put it in).
After they find something of every color in the rainbow, shake the bag and tell them that with all the colors of the rainbow the bag has created a magical rainbow treasure! Then pull out the candy.


Activity #2: X Marks the Spot

Hide a small prize somewhere in the house. Create a map of all the rooms in the house and put an X where you hid the prize. Have the kids follow the map to find where X marks the spot. Once they find the spot, they have found the hidden treasure!


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