1 Brown lunch bag
1/2 Plastic Easter Egg
Small amount of modeling clay (enough to fill Easter egg half)
Scraps of Green Tissue paper for leaves (optional)
Glue Stick

Fill your Easter egg half with modeling clay to weigh down your tree.
Place the egg flat side down inside the paper lunch bag.  Try to get the egg in the center of the bottom of the bag.  Then twist and gather the excess brown bag around the egg tightly to form a base for your tree.  Tie it tightly with the twine in a double knot.  Then make 5 vertical cuts into the top of the bag down to about an inch above where the twine is tied.  These sections can then be twisted to from your limbs.  I like to begin forming a limb by twisting the paper bag and then stop and make another cut…dividing that limb into two pieces.  Continue to twist as many limbs as you like.  Leaves can be added by tearing small pieces of tissue and using a glue stick to attach to the branches.

Source: Mrs. Eugenia Mullis, Art Teacher, Midvale Elementary

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