Woodruff Park Playground

Go on a sculpture scavenger hunt around Atlanta, you never know what you may find…A giant popsicle? Large pinwheels? There are even playgrounds where you can climb right on the figures.

ArtAround Roswell Sculpture Tour

Find public art throughout Roswell with their map. See “Ice Pops” a giant, colorful popsicle or “Ask the Fish 2.0,” a massive hand holding a fish, among other whimsical sculptures.

Atlanta BeltLine

The murals and sculptures on the BeltLine are always changing, making it a living, breathing art gallery. Visit the Eastside Trail for huge pinwheels called “Swirling Colors” and “Northern White,” the stainless steel white rhino head. More locations can be found by visiting the website.

Decatur Sculpture Tour 

The Decatur Artway is a series of sculptures in a rotating outdoor gallery with new sculptures being added and replaced. A new phase is added each year.

Suwanee SculpTour

Admire works around Suwanee including “Titanosaurus,” an abstracted dinosaur and “Mr. Eggwards,” a bronze figure resembling Humpty Dumpty. Download the Otocast app to hear about each piece directly from the artists.

Abernathy Greenway Playable Art Park

Kids will enter a sculpture garden they can play on at this park. Climb, swing and jump from real art structures including the yellow, spider-like structure, the mosaic-climbing wall, the red swings and more.

Noguchi Playscape

This play area is next to Piedmont Park’s 12th Street gate and looks more like a modern sculpture garden than a playground. A giant, winding slide and other features help familiarize children with shapes, colors and textures.

Woodruff Park Playground

Anyone with “ATL” pride will love this playground shaped like the famous letters. Kids can climb all over the walls, monkey bars, slides or play with the springs and spinners.

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