Abernathy Greenway Playable Art Park Playground

70 Abernathy Road NW, Sandy Springs
Phone: 770-730-5600

The Playable Art Park is far different from the typical playground in appearance, experience and design. The park is laid out vertically along the Belt Line, part of a larger system of walking/biking/nature trails. At one end is a circular grassy opening with many benches in a semi-circle and stairs. Next, you pass through the large wooden pavilion, then follow the path down, and you will travel through a series of creative playable art structures that are enticing, imaginative and exciting for kids of a wide range of ages.

The beauty of this journey is that when you get to the end, you turn around and re-live your favorites as you make your way back to the top of the path again. We spent about 15 minutes per structure.

Features: The Big Imagine swings, Dragon Fly slide/rock wall climbing structure, Wonder Wall, Twist & Shout, Granite Boulder Space Exploration and Spider Walk.

The Big Imagine Swings are vibrant red swings, including one baby seat swing. The Dragon Fly is a modern rock wall with some rather steep but not too high slides.

The granite feature encourages kids to climb up, over, on and through while exploring space and depth. The Twist & Shout non-linear jungle gyms are a throw-back to old school climbing structures, with modern twists. And the Wonder Wall is a colorful spot to “say cheese” and send a photo Grandma!

Amenities: Shaded pavilion and shady retreats along the path with benches; bike racks; water fountains and restrooms with changing tables. The park is dog/pet-friendly and has receptacles for pet use.

– Meredith Snellings