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Speech Therapists, Counselors, Chiropractors and More

Joan Aronson
Horse Talk Hippotherapy Program
Hippotherapy & Therapeutic Riding

“Joan has helped both of my daughters immensely over a span of fourteen years. Joan is very competent, as she is certified in speech pathology, hippotherapy, and therapeutic riding.  My girls each have  developed a special relationship with her. They have also developed their strength and sense of balance through horseback riding.” – Johanna A.

Joann Fleckenstein
ITT’s Children
Occupational Therapy

“What I love most about Joann is her kind and nurturing approach.  My child just loves to be around her. Highly skilled and up to date on the latest research in occupational therapy. Kind and consistent.” Meghan G.

“Wonderful personality, very expressive, and full of life and energy. Very knowledgable. Fluent in English and Spanish.”  – Ailene C.

Amy Fuhrer
Darling Pediatric Therapies
Speech Therapy

“Amy has been working with my autistic son for over 4 years for his communication and language needs as well as his feeding disorder. In all that time she has led my child from a place where he was nonverbal and eating only puréed foods to speaking and eating solids. She has never given up no matter how slow the progress. Most importantly, her gentle approach and kind nature puts my son at ease. He simply loves his sessions with Ms. Amy.” – Jeanie D.

Christine Giles
Creative Therapy
Speech Therapy

“Very committed, professional, personable, and creative”  – Tiffany W.

“Christine customizes her sessions to engage the child based on their personality and interests. She utilizes games, computers, books, and so much more. During the summer my son spent spent with her, he made more progress than ever before. She looks at the child as a whole and implements strategies that target their specific needs.” – Valerie K.

Scott Gross
Scott Gross Climbing

“Scott is a rock climbing coach for kids with special needs, and is particularly experienced with autistic kids. Scott helps his students believe in themselves, understand the value of effort and perseverance and learn to cope with and move past failure. He provides individual instruction, and also coaches a non-competitive special-needs climbing team with a focus on social interaction and collaboration. Scott’s sense of humor and unwavering patience are what makes him truly exceptional.”  – Alison A.

Savy Irby
Corrective Chiropractic

“Dr. Savy is patient and caring with her families. She goes above and beyond to make you feel at home the moment you walk through the door. She specializes in pediatrics, pregnancy, and family care, and is a fabulous adjuster!” – Austin C.

“Dr. Savy took care of me during my pregnancy and has since taken care of my daughter as well. Dr. Savy specializes in taking care of women who are pregnant and their children. She is amazing and I would highly recommend her to my friends.” Shira B.

“Dr. Savy takes the time to answer any questions I have related to my health. She really does care about the health of her patients. The minute you walk through the door she addresses you by name and asks you questions both medically and personally to get to know you as a person. The entire staff is friendly, has convenient hours, and is flexible with my changing schedule.” – Phoebe I.

Jennifer Johnston
Atlanta Early Intervention & Behavioral Specialist
ABA Therapy

“Jennifer is an extreme professional and brings a wealth of invaluable knowledge and expertise to her practice. I am always amazed by her ability to make progress with my child and create a learning environment that is specifically tailored to my child’s needs.” – Erik W.

“Jennifer is an extreme professional and brings a wealth of invaluable knowledge and expertise to her practice. I am always amazed by her ability to make progress with my child and create a learning environment that is specifically tailored to my child’s needs.” – Erik W.

“When my daughter turned 1, we started therapy and speech therapy. Jennifer meets with my daughter two to three times a week. She also teaches my husband and I how to continue therapy daily and apply it to our daily lives. She knows and understands what we’re going through, and cries and cheers with us. She is our daughter’s biggest cheerleader (aside from my husband and myself). In just two short months, it’s amazing to have someone new a part of our family. She truly is wonderful.”  – Sarah S.

Judy Martin
Decatur Family Psychiatry

“Judy helps my 13-year-old autistic son manage his anxiety, impatience and emotional regulation. He lights up when you say her name, and frequently mentions things he wants to tell her in the days leading up to his appointments. She respects his intelligence, focuses on his strengths, and normalizes his challenges. She is also the parent of an autistic child (now grown), making her a valuable and empathetic resource for me.” – Alison A.

Susan Orloff
Children’s Special Services
Occupational Therapy

“Susan’s passion for children is truly a gift. Being educated as a teacher, as well as occupational therapist, her knowledge and creativity in the field are unsurpassed. She has an amazing ability to bond with children and get the very best out of them. After working with my son, her belief in him finally allowed him to believe in himself. She gives 200% at each session, and my son continues to reap the benefits both academically and socially.” – Brandi M.

“Susan has built her practice from personal experience in raising her own three children. In dealing with her own children, her practice has grown and she has helped many families. Her genuine concern and invested interest in each family is worth it’s weight in gold” – Develyn D.

Kelly Rickard
Heaven’s Gait, Woodstock
Hippotherapy & Therapeutic Riding

“My daughter has significant issues stemming from her battle with brain cancer. She has made significant improvements in many areas since beginning to ride horses with Kelly. She is physically stronger and so much more confident. Kelly’s knowledge of horses and the needs of her special students is impressive” – Laura M.

Amy Sherman
Atlanta Speech Therapy
Speech Therapy

“She has such a lovely way of making speech therapy fun for my twin 4 year olds, so they are playing without barely knowing they’re actually in therapy. She’s very caring, loving, and understanding, and she comes to our school, which makes it very convienent for the parent.” –  Erin H.

“Amy is a delight to work with. She is energetic and informative. She is very knowledgeable about my son’s needs and keeps me constantly informed on his progress. She guides me on effective ways to work with my son at home. Thanks to Amy, my son has developed into quite a sociable and confident child.” – Sheriza O.

“Amy truly cares about the kids she works with and it shows. She demonstrates compassion and encourages kids through her patience and friendly demeanor. Amy wanted to ensure my daughter was ready for kindergarten so she made extra trips to the daycare to prepare her.  My daughter is doing well in school and still remembers the techniques Ms. Amy taught her.  She is a rare find – knowledgeable, caring and committed, all with a smile.” – Jason D.

Elaine Taylor-Klaus
Impact ADHD, Atlanta

“Elaine collaborates with the best minds in the ADHD world to offer their clients the support they need in all areas. And she presents all of this with laughter and love. Quite simply, there is no one better at helping parents help their kids.” – Cathy M.

Amy Utecht
Heart and Hands Therapy
Occupational Therapy

“Amy has a passion for helping special needs kids. She has worked with my daughter for several years and I’m constantly amazed at what she has been able to accomplish.  Truly an exceptional therapist and advocate for kids with special needs.” – Jim B.

Wendy Williams
Williams Educational Consultants

“Ms. Williams has become an extension of our family as she has provided excellent services to both our children. While their needs, as they conducted their college search, were completely different, Wendy was able to provide a cool, consistent voice for them. She listened to them, their wishes and desires and created a game plan of how to achieve their goals.” – Emily C.

“Wendy is a wonderful educational consultant who really made me feel so much better about the college process for my son who has learning disabilities. Wendy’s approach and empathy has won my son’s heart and we feel so lucky to have found her.” – Jacqueline G.

“Wendy has helped me tremendously with the college application process. She is very intelligent and excellent at her job.” – Samara C.

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