American Girl Dolls are a full-out cultural phenomenon. The dolls, which have been around since the 1980s, represent different historical periods and change looks with the many available accessories. Matching outfits, furniture sets, cafes—there’s so much to love about these dolls. Now there’s a boy to add to the mix.

American Girl’s new boy doll is named Logan Everett, and he accompanies the American Girl Doll named Tenney, a rising country singer in the Nashville music scene. He is a drummer and his drum set is also available for purchase.

This addition of a boy doll comes after much talk of the company adding more diverse dolls to the mix, in January American Girl added an African-American doll as their 2017 “Girl of the Year.”

“In response to thousands of impassioned requests from fans for more options, American Girl is introducing a new series of contemporary characters and stories designed to speak to even more girls’ interests, backgrounds, and experiences,” reads a February American Girl press release.

They will be releasing a Korean-American doll who is an aspiring filmmaker and a Hawaiian doll living in Hawaii during World War II.  See the full line of new 2017 dolls here.

Reviews on seem to be positive, with parents reporting their sons now have a boy doll to play with their sister’s girl dolls. It adds more play opportunities for siblings and even more stories for girls to act out.

The 18-inch Logan Doll is available for $115 for ages 8 and older. Visit Alpharetta’s American Girl Boutique and Bistro at North Point Mall to see him in person.

Why haven’t many boy dolls been on the market before? A company called Boy Story recently began making boy dolls to fill the void–turning action figures into “action dolls.” The owner says she chose the name Boy Story to emphasize to boys that there’s a doll that is cool and acceptable to play with.

– Teresa Farkas

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