Time to get musical! Make your own drum and musical spoons.

Activity: Drum

One very large tin can, such as a large coffee can, opened at both ends ( for safety, open the ends using a smooth-edge can opener)
Masking tape
Colorful packing tape (not the paper kind)
Dowels for making the drumsticks

Cover both end edges with masking tape to further reduce the sharpness of the edges.
Put a band of packing tape around each end of the drum coming up to the lip of the can to cover the masking tape.
Form a  drumhead by putting strips of packing tape tightly over one end all in one direction. Cover that layer of packing tape with another tight layer of packing tape but this time in the other direction to form a crisscross pattern.  So, the drumhead is made of two layers of packing tape, and the other end remains open.
Wrap another layer of packing tape around the top to cover the ends of the tape that formed a drumhead and to anchor those ends.
To do the mallets, form a slight ball of packing tape, stick it on to one end of the dowel, then wrap packing tape around that combination of a dowel and a ball on the end.
For even more fun, prepare two drums and bind them together with packing tape to make bongo drums.  To alter the sound of one of the bongos,  attach a small piece of paper or a penny to the underneath side of one of the drumheads.  Also, for bongos, one large can and one smaller can can be used together to produce the two different tones.

Activity: Musical Spoons

Two plastic spoons (white preferred for decorative purposes).
Masking tape (different colors add to the festive effect).
Markers for decorating (permanent markers work best on plastic).

Use marker to decorate spoons.
Ball up a small amount of masking tape.
Place spoons back sides together and put ball of tape in between handles so there is a small amount of space in between spoon heads.
Wrap tape around spoon handles to secure them.

Credit: Dr. Craig Woodson, creator and owner of Ethnomusic, Inc.

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