They’re jamming! The Atlanta Rollergirls kick off their next competitive season in January. Here’s why your family should check out our tough-skating hometown league, a founding member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA).

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Growing Popularity of Sport

Roller Derby used to be as theatrical as pro wrestling, but it evolved into an all-female, full-contact sport that’s growing in popularity internationally. We have some of the most competitive teams around, right here in Atlanta. The Atlanta Rollergirls family includes four home teams –  the Apocalypstix, Denim Demons, Sake Tuyas, and Toxic Shocks. They compete each season for the championship trophy. Three travel teams also take on opponents around Georgia and beyond. Roller Derby requires great skating and balance skills, strategy and teamwork.

It’s Easy to Follow

Even non-sports fans can enjoy the entertaining, fast-paced games. The rules are simple: Flat Track Roller Derby is played on a flat, oval track in two 30-minute periods. Each period contains “jams,” during which each team fields up to five skaters – blockers and jammers. The jammers score a point for each opponent they lap, every time around the track.  The blockers try to keep them from scoring! There is plenty of action in this  full-contact sport, but players have to follow the safety rules or get a penalty. Guides explain what’s happening during each jam, so there’s no chance spectators get “lost.” The winning team scores the most points!

Family Atmosphere

Kids of all ages can attend, and admission is free for kids five and younger. Before the games, a selection of art and merchandise vendors display their wares and food trucks sell meals and snacks. Halftime entertainment is lively and spectators are encouraged to cheer for their favorite skaters, who have unique character names.

Girls Can Try It

Girls who love watching the Roller Derby can join the fun! The Atlanta Junior Roller Derby is open to girls of all skill levels, aged 8-18 years who want to learn the sport and improve skating skills.  Registration opens in December for the upcoming season. Instructors are skaters, coaches, trainers and derby experts who help kids learn and love the sport. The girls with the most competitive skills can try out for the AJRD Travel Team, too.

Schedule: The 2018 Home Game Schedule will be available shortly.

How to Buy Tickets: Visit the Atlanta Roller Girls online and click Buy Tickets. Season tickets, single game tickets, and Family 4 Packs are available.

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