Volcano Party

Food: Hummus cups with red pepper, carrots and pita chips shaped like volcanoes. Pizza cut into triangles with parmesan “ash clouds.” Chocolate cupcakes turned upside down and drizzled with red and orange candy-melt “lava.”

Décor: Cut a hole in a red plastic planter and turn it upside down. Place a bubble machine underneath to look like smoke.

Game: Place stepping stones in a path and let kids balance over the “hot lava” underneath. Buy molded volcano cups from a party store for each guest, and put vinegar in them. Fill a bowl with red Kool-Aid, dish soap and baking soda and let kids pour some into their mini volcanos. Watch them each “erupt.”

Party favor: Fill party-favor bags with baking soda and let the guests take home the mini volcanoes, so they can make the volcano “erupt” again!
Source: Amber Harris

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