Trucks and Digs

Food: “Build-a-burger” station.  Complete with all of the toppings in empty paint cans with mini paintbrushes to spread. Chips in the back of Tonka trucks lined up, or in construction hats. Gatorade or punch in an Igloo orange cooler labeled “crew punch.”

Décor: Get lots of construction or caution tape and use it as streamers. Make signs that use construction terms such as “loading area,” and use a wheel barrow to collect the presents.

Game: Fill a small, plastic pool with sand and bury plastic dinosaurs, trucks and other small favors. Let the kids go to town with their hands and find the favors to take home.

Party Favor: Hubba Bubba gum “tape measures,” a bucket and shovel for the container and tool aprons from Home Depot.

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