The Elf on the Shelf is a huge phenomenon around Christmas—why not take this tradition and replace it with a mischievous leprechaun for St. Patrick’s Day? Your kids will love seeing what the sneaky leprechaun left behind while searching for his pot of gold.

Tricks to Try:

Green Milk

How funny would it be for your kids to come to the breakfast table and discover the milk has turned green? They would surely think a sneaky leprechaun did the trick. Take a glass and put either green food coloring or a few drops of yellow and blue, and fill the glass with milk. Top it off with a green straw.


Green Shoelaces

Take your child’s favorite pair of shoes and replace the laces with bright, green string or ribbon. They will soon discover this switch when they go to put on shoes for the day.


Gold and Green Cookies

Buy a package of mint-flavored Oreos and “spray paint” them with edible gold paint found in the baking section of the supermarket. Put these in a plastic bag for your kid’s lunch, they will love having gold and green leprechaun-designed Oreos for dessert.

Green Water

Take green food coloring and put a few drops in the toilet or in the bath tub. For extra fun cut out green, foam shamrocks and place in the bath or take green washable paint and make “leprechaun footprints” on the sink or toilet.

Rainbow Windows

Take different colors of window paint found at your local craft store and paint a rainbow on your house or car windows. As a fun surprise take gold chocolate coins found at a local party store and place them inside a black container to resemble the “pot.” Hide this by the window or inside the car for your kids to find.

House Turned Green

This little leprechaun made quite the mess at your house—take green silly string and spray it in different areas of the house, tape green Crete paper to your child’s door to create a barricade and write messages with green paint on the bathroom mirrors.

In Search for the Leprechaun:

Leprechaun Binoculars

Have your kids create these to better find the sneaky leprechaun when searching around the house or backyard. Take two empty toilet paper rolls and tape or glue them together. Take rainbow colors of Washi tape, strips of fabric or paper and attach these to the outside of the toilet paper rolls. Hole punch the sides and thread a ribbon through for a handle.


Gold Scavenger Hunt

Gather rocks, gold paint, gold glitter, a paint brush and glue adhesive spray. Decorate the rocks: some with just glitter and some with just paint. Hide all of the rocks around your backyard and let your kids hunt for them, the rocks covered in gold glitter are worth five points and the others are worth one. Time your kids and let them know they have to beat the leprechaun to find the gold.


Leprechaun Traps

Let your kids create a whimsical leprechaun trap to catch the guest wreaking havoc throughout your home.  Paint a shoebox green and prop open with a stick, place plastic or chocolate gold coins inside the trap. Draw a rainbow on a piece of paper and glue to the outside. Other ideas include: traps made of cookie cans, jars or LEGOS and filled with Lucky Charms or paper shamrocks.


10+ Leprechaun Tricks to Try
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