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Get the kids excited about St. Patrick’s Day with these quick and easy craft ideas from

Leprechaun-Spotting Binoculars

Spotting leprechauns is a demanding job – but you and your kids can make the right equipment with materials you already have at home! You’ll need: empty cardboard tubes or juice boxes, green paper, pipe cleaners, string, tape and glitter glue. If using juice boxes, open the ends and shape them into a cylinder. Cover each tube with construction paper. Cut pipe cleaners to fit around each opening and glue them in place. Decorate the outside of the binoculars with more glitter glue. Tape the tubes together, and attach the string. Start looking for leprechauns!

St. Paddy’s Juicy Boxes

These fun juice boxes will be a hit at any party! You’ll need construction paper in black, green and yellow, juice boxes and tape. Cut green construction paper to fit around each juice box and tape in place. Cut a black belt shape to fit around the box and tape in place. Cut a buckle from yellow paper and tape to the front of the box. Enjoy a refreshing sip!

Lucky Leprechaun Photo Props

Get your kids jumping for joy and smiling at the camera with this interactive craft! You’ll need construction paper in a variety of colors, glue or tape and wooden craft sticks or popsicle sticks. Sketch the shapes of your choice – we chose shamrocks, a pot of gold, rainbow and a leprechaun hat and beard – and cut them out. Glue or tape the pieces together and attach the cutouts securely to the sticks. Let the Leprechaun photo shoot begin!

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