“When the Moon Comes” by Paul Harbridge; illustrated by Matt James

Brrr, it’s cold outside, and it’s the perfect time to snuggle up and read a book together with your kids. Check out these picture and chapter books with winter themes, as well as a couple other favorites perfect for hibernating at home. Also, don’t miss our list of Atlanta Parent’s Best Kids’ Books of 2017.

Picture Books

“When the Moon Comes” by Paul Harbridge (Tundra)
Follow seven friends as they walk through the woods to skate and play hockey at a nearby pond. The illustrations show the magic of friendship and a full moon in the winter.

“Mice Skating” by Annie Silvestro (Sterling)
Lucy the field mouse loves winter. But the other mice just want to stay inside in the burrow. Find out how Lucy encourages the other mice to have fun in this heartfelt story.

“When the Snow Falls” by Linda Booth Sweeney; illustrated by Jana Christy

“When the Snow Falls” by Linda Booth Sweeney (G.P. Putnam)
The kids are overjoyed when they wake up to snow fall. They play in the snow all day, and come home to a warm house, popcorn, and cocoa.

“Polar Bear Postman” by Seigo Kijima (Museyon)
Imagine a polar bear as your postman! Milk, the polar bear postman, stays busy delivering the mail. Then, one day, he gets a letter from two red-crowned cranes who need help finding their chick.

“The Most Perfect Snowman” by Chris Britt (Balzer + Bray)
Drift the snowman just wants a fancy hat and scarf like all the other snowmen. One day kids make that dream come true, but as others around him need the warmth of the hat and scarf more, Drift shows what matters most.

“The Best Man” by Richard Peck and “Heartwood Hotel: The Greatest Gift” by Kallie George; illustrated by Stephanie Graegin

Chapter Books

“Heartwood Hotel: The Greatest Gift” by Kallie George (Disney Hyperion)
In the second installment of the new chapter book series, Mona and the other animals look forward to a peaceful winter, but when snow starts to accumulate and food gets scarce, Mona tries to keep the other animals happy and contented. Kids new to chapter books will love the easy narrative and neat illustrations throughout.

“The Best Man” by Richard Peck (Puffin)
Famous children’s author Richard Peck (“A Year Down Yonder” and “Here Lies the Librarian”) tells the story of seventh grader, Archer Magill, and his adventures with his dad, his grandpa, his Uncle Paul, and Uncle Paul’s boyfriend, who happened to be Archer’s fifth-grade teacher, Mr. McLeod. The book is full of laughs and lessons on growing up.

“Ms. Bixby’s Last Day” by John David Anderson (Walden Pond)
It’s Ms. Bixby’s last day. She announces to the class that she is very sick and will not be able to finish the school year. Through the perspectives of three of her sixth grade students, we get a picture of how important Ms. Bixby has been to the kids’ lives.

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