iFLY is the place to go if skydiving is on your bucket list, but you can’t work up the courage to jump out of a plane! Our family of five thoroughly enjoyed the adrenaline rush of indoor skydiving at the new location in Atlanta.

The skydiving takes place inside of a giant flight chamber within a powerful vertical wind tunnel, and the freefall sensation is like no other! My children, ages 10, 8 and 5, weren’t quite sure what to expect, and as people took turns flying, we watched mesmerized from the viewing area of the flight deck.

Friendly certified flight instructors are good at answering questions and getting rid of any pre-flight jitters during a short flight training session. Everyone watches a brief video and learns hand signals to use during the flight session.

“I look cool!” was my 5-year-old’s reaction to wearing the official flight gear consisting of a helmet, flight suit, and goggles. We all felt very confident during each of our 60-second flights, and we enjoyed giving each other high-fives after our turns. Parents will appreciate the safety of iFLY, since the flight instructor never leaves your side while flying in the flight chamber.

The entire iFLY experience lasts about 1 hour and 45 minutes, and it’s a smooth process from start to finish.

For the best experience, parents should check the website prior to going to help children visualize what iFLY is all about. Also, due to its popularity, it’s best to save time by booking an appointment and filling out the waiver online before heading to iFLY. Be sure to arrive one hour before your scheduled flight time if you’re a first-timer.

My children are extremely proud of their personalized flight certificates that they received, and they love telling their friends about this thrilling experience.

– Felicia Barman

The Details

2778 Cobb Pkwy., Atlanta
iflyworld.com; 678-803-4359
Cost: Packages start at $64.99 per person

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