The hilarious moms of #IMOMSOHARD spoke with Atlanta Parent about their  #IMOMSOHARD Moms Night Out: Summer Break Tour coming to Cobb Energy Center on July 25, their popular video series where they discuss the realness of parenthood, and even a TV show in the works. And yes, they kept us laughing the entire time!

Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley said they should have met in Nebraska, where they are both from, but ended up meeting in Los Angeles. The women have a combined 40 years of experience in comedy.

“We became fast friends and took on the opportunity to perform together” Hensley and Smedley said.  “It all started when we were sitting alone one night and Jen was having trouble nursing. We both started crying and then hysterically laughing, and wondered why the media didn’t show this part of motherhood,” Hensley said. “We decided to pick up the motherhood rock and show the creepy crawlies underneath,” they said.

Their goal is to help moms gain relief by laughing off parenting fails, as well as encourage moms to support each other when times get sticky. The videos touch everything from wearing Spanx to dealing with babysitters to the awkwardness of swimsuit season.

One of their most recent videos is a social media experiment with Yoplait testing if moms would help other moms in difficult situations, despite the judgment moms receive on social media (a national survey found one-third of moms say they choose not to post or comment on social media because they worry others will judge their parenting). They set up a hidden camera and tested how moms stepped in to assist—almost every time moms helped moms.

“It’s basically a Monster Truck rally for moms,” Hensley and Smedley said. “We want moms to laugh, have a good time with girlfriends and express how they feel—the shows are interactive and change from location to location.”

The ladies are doing it all—from hit web series, to national comedy tour to a TV show in the works. Their Facebook following first went from 5,000 likes to over 100,000. Now, the page has over 1 million likes.

Don’t miss these two on July 25, you might just feel better about your job as a parent and have a lot of laughs along the way. Enter to win tickets to #IMOMSOHARD Mom’s Night Out: Summer Break Tour.

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