The clock is ticking down to the big day, the spookiest of nights, filled with candy, cobwebs, and most importantly, costumes. Lacking in the latter? Don’t worry. Goodwill’s got you covered. That’s right. With over 60+ locations, Goodwill of North Georgia can help you be the savior of Halloween fun without breaking the bank.

We get it.

This year poses a bit of a challenge to many beloved Halloween traditions. But with a bit of creative thinking, no problem is too scary. That said, the 11th hour is no time to turn to the annual pop-up Halloween store at your local strip mall. Between the traffic and slim pickings, finding a home run outfit isn’t likely. Instead, head to Goodwill. Grab some cargo pants, a tank top, craft a makeshift utility belt, and boom! Now you’re ready to save mankind and stop the rise of the machines–or at least be the 80s hero of your household. Maybe your little one is really into pirates this year. One quick trip down the aisle later and you’ve got the perfect white button down, red scarf sash, and billowing black pants that would make any swashbuckling pirate proud.

You know what’s even better than crafting a thrifty costume?

Crafting quality time with your loved ones. Think of it this way, what are your kids more likely to remember? That time you desperately scanned the barren aisle of a hopeless Halloween store only to find last year’s rejects or the time you stayed up together putting the final touches on a one-of-a-kind costume?

So, it’s a no brainer really.

Less hassle, more fun, all with a lower price tag. And if that wasn’t enough, your Goodwill purchases help spread more than just the Halloween spirit. Every purchase puts people across the community to work through job training and placement services. Pretty sweet huh? Speaking of sweet, the call of sugary treats is growing louder by the minute. So, hurry over to Goodwill and start crafting your #Goodthrill creation today. Visit to find a store near you.

Happy Halloween!

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