You know what they say. The family that scares together, cares together. They don’t say that? Well, they should. Because Halloween is such a great time for family fun. Sure, the candy is dandy…but the memories you’ll make together are even sweeter. And much less likely to cause cavities.

What Do You Want to Be for Halloween?

If you play your cards right, even getting ready for Halloween is a fun way to bond and encourage your children’s creativity. As the fake spider webs get put up and all the snacks at the store start coming in pumpkin and bat shapes, the question will inevitably come up. What do you want to be for Halloween this year?

It’s tempting to settle for last year’s costume, but odds aren’t great it even fits any more. There’s always the costume-in-a-bag from the party store. But where’s the fun in that? And spending big on a one-night-only outfit can throw your budget out of whack.

The Perfect Place for Halloween Shopping

Fortunately—there’s Goodwill. That’s right—Goodwill of North Georgia, where you drop off furniture and outgrown clothes to find new homes. Where you can find awesome sweaters for $4 or save big on jeans and shoes and jackets and home goods. Where every purchase helps put people across the community to work. That Goodwill, as it turns out, is also the perfect place for your Halloween shopping.

Inspiration is waiting in every aisle. You and your favorite trick-or-treaters can get creative by planning out DIY costume ideas, then finding the pieces to make it work. You’ll get to create a unique look together and cut your costs way down in the process. You can even find pieces to craft homemade Halloween décor.

#Goodthrill for the Whole Family

Plus, you’ll not only be having a good time with your costume crew—you’ll be doing good too. Shopping at Goodwill supports their mission of putting people to work and recycles clothing, lowering the environmental impact and waste that comes from creating new costumes.

So, if you’re looking to save and get creative this Halloween, head to one of Goodwill of North Georgia’s more than 60 stores. You can create great looks for your little ones for a whole lot less. And that’s a #Goodthrill for the whole family. Just visit to find a store near you.

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