Be the coolest on the block with these fun ideas the kids can help create.

Spider Web Door

This one is a spooky pick when visitors approach your front door. Take extra thick white yarn and tie together and string across the front of your door in the shape of a spider web. Start with a circle for the center and string pieces from there until you have a web. Cut Styrofoam balls in half (8 inch for body and 3 inch for head) and spray paint them black. Stick black pipe cleaners into the body and shape them like spider legs. Attach a few spiders along the web and outsides of the door with tape.

Floating Witches Hats

These whimsical hats scream Harry Potter or other wizard magic. They are also luminaries, so they look bright at night. Purchase black witches hats from your local party store or online. You will also need fishing line, a long needle, glow sticks and removable hooks. Stick hooks to the ceiling where you wish for the hats to hang, then using the needle, string 2-3 feet of fishing line through the point of the hat. Replace needle with safety pin and attach glow stick to the inside of the hat. Use the remaining fishing line to attach the hats to the hooks and let hang. Visitors will think you are using magic!

Trash Bag Spider Webs

Purchase large, black trash bags or gather some from your house. Cut the trash bag in half to make two squares, use each side for one spider web. Fold in half diagonally to make a triangle, and keep folding two more times to make a smaller triangle. Secure with tape and start cutting “branches” away from the triangle. Extend this line to the top. Unfold and hang to make the web.

Ghost Gourds

Purchase a few dried gourds from a local gardening store. Spray paint the gourds white and let dry, or let the kids paint them white with acrylic paint. Paint faces on with black acrylic paint and get creative with different expressions. Cut squares of cheesecloth and hang over the gourds to create the ghost effect.

Do-it-Yourself Halloween Decor
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