A scarecrow is a great addition to your yard during the autumn season. Whether you choose to make him scary or goofy, get creative and building one is a fun activity for families.

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A burlap sack, the type used to protect trees, is perfect for making the head. An old pair of pantyhose or an old pillow case also works. Fill it with plastic bags or craft stuffing. Decorate the face with permanent markers, acrylic paint, or cut out felt shapes and glue on using a hot glue gun.


You will need wood that is about two meters long, such as a wooden tomato stake, a broom or a rake handle. Take your wooden stakes and create a cross, then nail, screw or tie the pieces together. When the wood is secure, start adding the clothing and stuffing.


Visit your local thrift store or look in the back of your closet for plaid shirts, jeans or overalls. Collect these items as well as gloves, old shoes or boots and socks for the hands and feet. Feel free to accessorize with hats, bandanas or overalls.


Gather some old pantyhose, straw, leaves, grass clippings, wood chips, rags or toy fill to stuff the clothing pieces. You will also need wire or twine to tie the ends of the pants, arms or head to secure the stuffing inside.


Avoid using newspaper to stuff your scarecrow because rain will cause the body to become soft and shapeless.
Before adding the head, find where you want to position your scarecrow in the garden, don’t add until your scarecrow can support itself.
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