by Felicia Barman and Laura Powell


When it comes to high chairs, oh, baby, do you have choices. Need to save space? On a budget? Looking for a chair to grow with your child? Our discerning infants, Elliot Powell and John Barman, tried out six chairs over several weeks. Here are their favorites (and ours):

The Chair to Grow With: OXO Tot Sprout

Why we love it: Looks fabulous in my dining room. Easy to adjust as child grows since he can use it up to age 5. Can remove the tray and pull the chair up to the table. Easy to clean.
Wish it… was a little quicker to assemble, but the directions are easy to follow. Wish the tray did not slide off so easily, but baby can’t do it himself, and it can be removed with one hand.
$249.99. buybuy BABY,

The Modern: Boon Flair Pedestal High Chair

Why we love it: Very sturdy, doesn’t take up a lot of space. Easy to assemble – only has four parts and seven screws. Pneumatic lift means you don’t have to manually adjust the chair. Removable waterproof pad. Easy to clean because of the circular shape – no corners for food to get caught!
Wish it… had a bigger tray; it is really small! The model we tested came with the white pad. I wish it wasn’t white because I would worry about stains over time.
$229.99; buybuy BABY,

The Space Saver: Baby Bjorn High Chair

Why we love it: Easy to clean, mainly all plastic and the straps and buckle can be spot cleaned.
Easiest high chair to assemble and disassemble, which makes it great for car travel. It’s not hard to get him in and out. The tray pulls out as he gets bigger. Folds almost flat for storage.
Wish it… was a little more affordable, but worth the splurge.
$299.99; A Room of Their Own, buybuy BABY

The Traditional: Graco Contempo

Why we love it: The chair is easy to fold up and store. It’s really nice to use one with wheels that roll. The tray has two layers and it is easy to remove the top tray for washing. The chushy pad looks nice.
Wish it… did not have a pad that had to be removed and cleaned. My child always got it dirty, so it has to be spot cleaned. Also wish it looked a little sleeker. If you have a bigger budget, Graco also makes the Blossom 4-in-1 seating system that looks more modern and can grow with the child.
$109.99; Babies ”R” Us,

Good Budget Buy: IKEA Antilop High Chair

Why we love it: It is very lightweight and easy to pick up and move around the house. Simple design, so there aren’t a lot of crevices for food to get stuck.
Wish it… had wheels, but it does have balls at the ends to slide along the floor. The tray has to be purchased separately. (not shown).
$19.99 (plus tray, $5.00); IKEA

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