We love getting feedback from our readers! As school winds down, it's time for teacher gifts. Here are some great ideas from our Facebook page. 

When I was room mom, I purchased a large terra cotta pot and had all kids put their finger prints on it – these were then made into butterflies, bees, caterpillars, flowers and they signed their names by the finger print. I planted the pot with flowers.

                   – Michelle Rhodes Evarts 

As a teacher my best gift was a half-hour massage.    
I loved/needed every minute of it!

                   – Roberta Martin

Best gift was a painting of my dog with my favorite football team integrated into the painting.

                   – Chadd Stern

The best end-of-year gift I have received as a kindergarten teacher is a tote bag with that year’s class picture on it. I carry my lesson plans and papers in it. It’s a great keepsake. 

                   – Moriah Bader Derakhshan

Some of my favorite gifts as a teacher were really nice kitchen items … and many years later I can still remember which children gave them to me. Another favorite gift was a scrapbook of our class year. It is truly a treasure!

                   – Leigh Ann Middleton

This past year I gave my son’s teachers a gift card for Redbox, bag of microwave popcorn and a box of candy all in a popcorn bowl.

                   – Patty Garrett Crawford

The best gifts I ever received were done by my room moms. One year I got a large lamp with all of my students’ pictures on the lampshade in flowers. Another year I got a repurposed chair that my room mom painted adorably then allowed all of the students to sign the back with paint pen. I use both of them in my classroom still. Another friend received an artificial tree with gift cards that the entire class brought in for her tied to the branches.

                   – Carmen Hail Smith

The best teacher appreciation gift I ever received was a framed class photo where all the children signed the frame.

                        – Shelley Hoster


I was given a beach bag, beach towel and gift card as a teacher gift several years ago and I still use them. It was a great gift, going into summer!

                  – Marianne Chew

I gave my son’s teacher a $25 gift card to Family Dollar and she loved it. She kept it to get supplies with for the following school year.

                  – Brandice Abrams 

A copy of a letter of appreciation to their [principal], with a quote re: “their impact on my future,” in a studentmade frame.

                  – Raquel Short

Simple «Thank You» card or letter from the parents and/or students.

                  – Sandra Fortune


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