We could all use some festive, spooky fun this year. Especially families and kids, who haven’t had as many outlets or activities to get excited about. That’s where Goodwill comes in, helping bring Halloween back and better than ever. With over 60 locations across Metro Atlanta, you can ditch the party store and make this scary season special.

1. Prices that Won’t Haunt You

Instead of an expensive costume-in-a-bag, you can scoop up affordable clothes and décor to DIY your Halloween look. It’s better for your budget—and that’s always a #goodthrill.

2. Get Crafty and Stand Out

Everyone buys the same 10 outfits from those Halloween pop-up stores. At Goodwill, you’ll be able to put together one-of-a-kind looks for the whole family.

3. Waste Less, Scare More

Every year countless costumes are purchased brand new, worn for three hours, then thrown away or forgotten. Together, we can make Halloween less wasteful. Goodwill of North Georgia helped divert over 44 MILLION pounds from Georgia landfills—in 2020 alone. Consider donating what you won’t wear again and going greener by thrifting your outfit.

4. Every Purchase Uplifts the Community

Of course, it all supports Goodwill’s mission to put people to work. Helping neighbors get hired has never been more important. Every find goes to funding job training programs and career services for North Georgians. Goodwill connected over 27,000 members of the community to jobs last year, in industries like healthcare and technology. Your shopping (and donating!) makes a difference.

Make this Halloween a #Goodthrill. From assembling the ultimate rock star outfit for your little musician to finding items you can turn into haunted house décor, there are always great options and prices at Goodwill. Find your nearest store at goodwillng.org/locations.

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