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Though I’m a well-seasoned putt-putt player – sinking a hole-in-one every once in a while, have I ever taken a full golf swing? Nope, never! So I was kind of nervous to try Topgolf for the first time with 9- and 12-year-old kids.
We learned quickly that you do not have to be skilled on the driving range to enjoy Topgolf, an entertainment complex that’s fun for beginners and experienced golfers. My kids and I actually hit the ball pretty well, considering it was everyone’s first time. We had many giggles every time one of us missed the ball (it seemed like baseball with all the missed swings/strikes we had), but we loved it.  
A “bay host” showed us around and how to set up the cards each person gets. We learned the different levels of play, including those that track distance of putts, but we stuck with the basic level. Each group plays from its own bay, which aligns with a green. When it’s your turn, you wave your golf club over a button for a ball to come out and you can hit the ball from the grass matt you’re standing on or put it on a tee. Each bay has a computer screen showing the stats of the players.
The “bay host” takes food orders. The menu includes burgers and bar food, but also more unusual choices. A “knock off on sushi” appetizer is a burrito-style appetizer shaped in sushi form; it was creative and spicy! The handmade donut holes come with different flavored syrups placed in syringes that you inject into your donut. We got the chocolate and Bavarian crème flavors and they were yummy. A kids’ menu is available, too.
Topgolf can accommodate many players at once with more than 100 bays on three different levels. Families with children younger than 7 are usually placed on the ground level, which has a game/lounge area with pool tables, shuffle board, and TVs. Anyone can use the lounge during their visit or while awaiting a bay. You can bring your own golf clubs or use the free ones provided at each bay.
Topgolf can be for serious golfers, novice players, or a fun family affair.  My kids want to hit the driving range again soon!
– Michele Gergans

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