Cast a spell and enjoy some fairy tale fun celebrating these mythical woodland creatures. Fairy believers young and old can share the stories, magic, crafts and history of the Fairy.

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Fairy Fun Around Town

Build a fairy house at the Chattahoochee Nature Center. The center has a fairy village where visitors can create houses for all the fairies to use.

Inspired by “fairy doors” – legend says fairy doors are gateways to the world of fairies – Atlanta artists have created bits of whimsical magic around town. Make a scavenger hunt or take an afternoon to imagine what’s behind each door.

  • Secret Doors of Decatur has a series of 32 miniature secret doors created by 24 local artists all over Decatur.
  • Tiny Doors ATL installs 6-inch tall doors in strategic places throughout the city, including the Beltline.

Tiny Doors ATL


For the fairy fanatics out there, fairy portrait sessions offer hours of fun. Watch as your child gets her wings and crowned. Sessions also include a trip to the salon for hair and light makeup. Located in Athens, Heather provides the dresses, wings and accessories for girls sizes 2T – 12 years old.

Magic in the Kitchen

To make pixie dust popcorn, just cook popcorn as usual, melt white chocolate, drizzle it over the popcorn and then top it all with sprinkles.

Games Fairies Play

Make a fairy version of musical chairs. Have the kids take a piece of paper and draw their own flower, then tape the flowers on the floor, and play musical chairs without using chairs.

A Fairy Tale

Pinkalicious: Fairy House
by Victoria Kann (Harper Collins Publisher, 2013)
It’s Spring, and Pinkalicious knows it’s time for the fairies to arrive. She prepares by making sure the fairies have a cozy place to stay.



– Hayley Markowitz

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