Gather the kids for a fun and easy project to surprise Dad on Father’s Day. The inexpensive Photo Frame Family Tree you’ll create is perfect for his desk at the office or for special display at home.

The project is one of 100 from the creative mind of Atlanta native Amanda Kingloff, author of the new book Project Kid: 100 Ingenious Crafts for Family Fun (Artisan Books, 2014, $22.95) and former lifestyle director at Parents magazine.
The book, beautifully illustrated with color photos, offers step-by-step directions for crafts that use common household items in uncommon ways, such as single-use coffee cups that become a whimsical “K-Cup Door Chime.”

For your Dad’s Day family tree project you’ll need:
18- to 24-inch-long sticks
White paint
1-inch foam brush
Black-and-white portrait photos of family members
Play-Doh lids, one for each family member
1 cup or vase
Fun-Tak (available at office supply stores

To assemble, paint the sticks and let them dry.
Make a circle template to match the size of your Play-Doh lids, then cut the faces from photographs to fit inside the lids. Glue the photos to the lids.
Fit a piece of Styrofoam snugly in the cup and push the sticks down into it.
Use Fun-Tak to attach the lids to the sticks.

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