Isabella, Sophia and I camped out for dinner at Campfire Grill at Stone Mountain Park. “Is that real fire!” were the first words once we sat down and checked out our digs. Each room is a different campsite feel such as Forest Trail, Lakeside Path, Lake Room and Treetop Trek. We were seated in Treetop Trek and immediately greeted by our camp counselors. Atop our table was a crayon bucket for the different games on the kids menu, as well as table game suggestions.

What’s on the menu: The menu sports campfire treats as well as Southern favorites, most entries around $13.99. We started with nachos and quesadillas. The quesadillas are perfect for sharing as all the toppings are on the side. The Little Campers Menu is $6.99 for one of three options; cheeseburger, chicken tender or grilled cheese skillet meal. You can upgrade the kids drink to a souvenir cup for an extra $1.99, then refill throughout the park for 50 cents. The baby back ribs are perfect with fall-off-the-bone meat and even a Georgia specialty cooked right in, Coca-Cola! The tasty catfish and chicken are served on a cast iron skillet for the camping feel.

Why parents will like it: Campfire Grill is located in Crossroads near many family activities. This makes it the perfect place to wind down for a meal. The restaurant understands dietary needs or food allergy restrictions and has an ingredient book that lets you know how the food is prepared. The chicken fingers come in two types, one made with eggs and one without. Kids and adults will both love the upgraded Campfire s’mores!

Why kids will like it: It takes them on a fun, non-planned adventure to the great “outdoors.” The animal tracker game keeps kids busy. Some animal prints look similar, so we counted the toe prints to make sure we had the right one. We continued our search for prints as we “hiked” to the restroom. If you get seated at one of two specialty tables, you will be in for a surprise (hint: ask ahead of time). The small river outside is great for after dinner or wait time playing, though you might want to bring a change of clothes. Also, Campfire Corner has storytelling next door.

– Jordan Lisvosky


Crossroads inside Stone Mountain Park
1000 Robert E. Lee Blvd, Stone Mountain
Weekend hours; check website for current schedule
which follows the SMP attractions schedule.

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