Mix up a batch of homemade bubble solution with these ingredients you likely can find around the house

Bubble Solution
2 cups dishwashing liquid
¾ cup corn syrup
6 cups water
Bubble Wands
Assortment of 12-in pipe cleaners
Large decorative beads
Plastic straws (optional)

Bubble solution
Mix in a large bucket or bowl; store in a covered container
Bubble Wands
Twist and bend pipe cleaners into wands. Make sure to add a generous loop at one end and another one at the other for a handle. Strengthen the handle by threading through a straw, or by twisting in additional pipe cleaners. You can also add beads for extra dimension (they work best on handles).
To use: Dip into solution, let excess drain off and either wave wand or blow through it to make bubbles. 

Source: countrywomanmagazine.com/project/diy-bubble-solution-and-wands/
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