The Children’s School

345 Tenth Street NE, Atlanta
Phone: 404-873-6985

In 1970, founder Lila McDill had one vision: children learn by doing. Today, The Children’s School is an age 3-grade 8 school located in the heart of Midtown, empowering students to dive in headfirst, hands-on and open-hearted into the grand lifelong adventure that is learning.

TCS knows that play is serious learning. They embrace play in everything because it is essential to intellectual, social, emotional, physical and cultural development.

As students grow, learning through play becomes learning playfully. Through immersive project-based learning, projects are designed around real-world problems facing the community to help students learn in a more meaningful way and tackle the kinds of questions that can’t be answered by Google.

Learning takes courage. The diverse, joyful and nurturing community shows up as their authentic selves everyday, encourages risk-taking and challenges learners to academic excellence, noble character and emotional maturity, preparing them to make an impact on an ever-changing world.

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