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Kid-Friendly Guides:

Guide to Atlanta United Soccer Games with Kids
75 Best Atlanta Playgrounds and Parks for Families
12 Things to Love About Children’s Museum of Atlanta

Most-Read Stories:

5 Things to Know About Atlanta CityPASS
6 Fun Ways to Get Your Kids to Help Around the House
60+ Free and Fun Things to Do in Atlanta With Kids

Facebook Feedback:

My child is having trouble making the transition to kindergarten. What can I do to make it easier?

“I wrote notes and drew pictures to my little one and put them in his backpack.” – Reagan Wyssbrod

“A back-to-school mommy and me bracelet set on Etsy helped my anxious one.” – Libby Pass

“Let one of your older children walk that child to class.” – Angel Lemond

“Give your child a picture of your immediate family to carry to school. After much grief, this little trick worked like a charm!” – Dyan Henard

“Read ‘The Kissing Hand’ by Audrey Penn – a great book!” – Brenda Boss


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