Atlanta United FC Soccer

Atlanta United FC

When my husband and I heard Atlanta was getting a pro soccer team, we were beyond excited! Our kids donned Atlanta United Soccer T-shirts and we went to a game.

Outside the stadium, the large Falcon statue is spruced up for each game day with a huge Atlanta United scarf. Before the game, we made a poster at the Home Depot tent, met the stilt walker “DJ” outside the stadium, and hugged a Chick-fil-A cow.

The Atlanta United “Supporters” (fan clubs) cheer and chant as you enter the Stadium. Their enthusiasm is infectious and electric with drums, cheerleaders and colorful flags. At each game, the Supporters carry in a large golden spike and a special guest of the game will hammer it three times as a ritual before the game.

Young soccer teams decked out in their team uniforms escort the United players onto the field before the fast-paced action begins.

The team’s elite players will inspire kids who play soccer, but everyone will enjoy the impressive new Stadium.

Good to Know: An afternoon game would be perfect for families with young children (My husband and I enjoy the later evening games as date nights).

You must have a clear plastic bag or purse to enter the Stadium or a clutch no larger than 4.5 x 6.5. Arrive early to sign the golden spike before it is carried into the stadium.

– Becky Cooper

More Reasons to Check Out a Game:

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

The brand new Mercedes-Benz Stadium makes watching soccer a blast–with a huge rotating screen to watch the action and replays, great views of Downtown Atlanta, yummy foods, and kicks and sprints from all angles.

Pro Soccer Players Right at Home

If your kids aspire to be soccer stars, you no longer have to travel to see a pro match. With the team right at home, Atlantans can rock the team colors (red, black and gold) and visit home games. Kids now have hometown players to look up to and it makes their dreams of going pro closer than before.

Possible Sports Champion

With Atlanta home to other professional sports teams, there are several options to catch a great game. In recent years, we have yet to see Atlanta bring home a championship trophy to the city. Atlanta United could be our next chance! Major League Soccer hosts the MLS Cup, an annual tournament to decide the champion of professional soccer teams in the United States and Canada.

How to Buy Tickets: See or call 678-420-7200 to purchase. Atlanta United FC Season tickets, four-game pack or single tickets available.

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