School is out and every parent dreads the words “I have nooothing to doooo.” Atlanta Parent is here to help. From June 1 through Aug. 4, we'll post a different activity every day on Our “65 Days of Summer Fun” is also packed with prizes and deals from some of our favorite partners. So next time you hear that familiar whine, visit for fun ideas and activities great for the whole family.

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Activity: Fun with Sidewalk Paint

Kids can have a blast painting on a cement walkway, patio or on the sidewalk. And parents can be OK with this activity if they can easily wash off the creative creations. Making your own sidewalk paint is plenty of fun.  Here’s the simple recipe; follow these directions for color you want to make:
¼ cup cornstarch
about a half box of baking soda
a squeeze of washable paint
2 tablespoons water.
Stir together and add water until mixture is slightly thinner than you want it to be; the mixture will thicken as you work with it. If it gets too thick, just add a little more water.

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