Gardening is a great way to get outdoors, burn off energy and enjoy the fresh air. Check out our tips for gardening with kids. These interesting themes are a great way inspire children to garden.

Pizza Garden

Grow all the herbs to add to a pizza. For an extra touch, make the garden round like a pizza.

Fairy Garden

This garden includes both plants and miniature structures and is a great place for your child’s imagination to grow.

Pollinator Garden

Build a garden that attracts butterflies, bees, birds, bats and other insects and animals that will help pollinate plants. Try planting milkweed, zinnias and snapdragons.

Art Garden

Grow flowers and plants that can be used to make art, or grow a garden of plants for kids to sketch.

Salsa Garden

Grow tomatoes, peppers, and onions to make a delicious salsa.

Herb Garden

Herb gardens are a great way to foray into the world of gardening. They can be grown inside or outside and include plants such as basil, oregano, sage, thyme, parsley and many more.

Peter Rabbit Garden

Grow the vegetables found in Mr. McGregor’s garden. The great thing about this garden is that you can grow some of the vegetables – carrots, lettuce, radishes and cabbage – in cool weather, so you could continue to garden into fall.

Wildflower Garden

Visit a nature preserve to discover the native wildflower plants in your area. Then build a garden with those flowers.

Three Sisters Garden

Teach children about plants that grow well together, like corn, beans, and squash by cultivating the three in one mound.

– Janeen Lewis

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