When it comes to eating out, I live in a house divided. It’s always a challenge for my family of five to agree on one type of cuisine. That’s why we were intrigued by The Cowfish, where two worlds collide – sushi and burgers!

What’s on the menu:

Its vast menu features traditional sushi dishes like nigiri for $2 and up, sashimi for $8 and up, and original specialty fusion offerings with whimsical names, like “Pinky Swear Roll.” The standout in sushi choices is “Burgushi,” where you combine sushi and burger components to create dishes like “the All-American Bacon Double Cheeseburgerooshi” for $14. As for the burger selections, there were at least 17 to choose from, starting at $11. My husband tried a Burgushi selection, while I chose the tasty “Ultimate Brento Bento Box” for $18, which included a mini-burger, sushi, sweet potato fries, edamame and Thai cucumbers. The Cowfish also has quite the selection of appetizers, salads, sandwiches and hand-spun milkshakes. Take a look at the menu online before you go, otherwise the choices could be overwhelming (in a good way!).

Why kids will like it:

Although my three boys have never had sushi, they felt cool when their kid’s meals arrived in personal Bento boxes. All kid’s meals are $6-$7 and come with a drink and two sides, including carrots, apples, oranges, edamame or house fries. My 10-year-old chose “The Cowfish Mini-Burgers,” while my 8-year-old devoured his “Gorilla Cheez” grilled cheese sandwich, and my 4-year-old insisted on eating his chicken “Ninja Nuggets” with chopsticks. As a bonus, each Bento box included a rice marshmallow treat cleverly made to look like a piece of sushi, and fun temporary tattoos that my boys put on immediately. My older boys shared a “Gimmie More S’more” milkshake with marshmallows, chocolate chunks and graham crackers for $6.50 that reminded them of summer camp. The boys also enjoyed checking out the live cowfish that glowed in the fish tank by the entrance, and they were captivated by the gigantic aquarium filled with bright fish.

Why parents will like it:

The Cowfish creates a family-friendly atmosphere with attention to details. My family enjoyed sitting in one of the booths that lights up in blue or red, and we had fun thumbing through a copy of a funny picture book called The Legend of the Cowfish (just ask your server for one). My husband downloaded The Cowfish app, which has the menu and a waitlist feature that automatically adds you to the waitlist when you’re within one-half mile of the restaurant. There’s no question that we’ll use this to plan for our next crazy sushi-burger combination!

– Felicia Barman

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