Cloud B Peaceful Panda sleeping aid. This cuddly nighttime companion has a hidden sound machine that plays eight soothing sounds and melodies to lull your child into a restful sleep. Cloud B also has a wide range of other sensory products to soothe your child to sleep. Available at $32.95

WubbaNub Pacifier. These pacifiers come with a stuffed animal attached to the suction tip, making it easy to find in the middle of the night if it falls out. Available at $14.99

Solly Swaddle Set. This extra soft swaddle set is from the same makers as the Solly Baby Wrap, and sustainably made from the pulp of beechwood trees. You can also toss it over a stroller as a sunshield, and give baby an extra snuggle as a security blanket at bed time. Available at $45

Babble Band Wearable Audio Monitor. Wear this band like a watch or fitness tracker, and monitor baby’s sleep. Complete with audio mode to hear baby, vibration mode to feel when there is movement and light mode to provide a visual cue. Available at for $59.99.

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