Play time

Boppy Musical Wind-Up Plush Bear. This soft plush bear plays a calming lullaby melody to put baby to sleep. It has crinkle elements for added interest and prints for visual stimulation Available at for $14

Lamaze Mix and Match Caterpillar. Smooth and crinkly textures to encourage touching, and cause and effect play. The Velcro pieces come apart for color matching, and it has chimes and rattles inside for sound. Available at for $20.99

3-in-1 Sit, Stride & Ride Lion. This toy grows with your baby as he moves from riding to walking. It has lights, music and fun sounds as well as three ways to get baby moving. Available at $45

O Ball Rollie Rattles Toy. O Balls are perfect for baby to learn motor skills, and the holes make it easy for little hands to grasp. This ball rolls and rattles when baby pushes it across the floor, adding sounds and visual elements to playtime. Available at $14.05

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