With a baby comes routine tasks – feeding time, bath time, play time and bed time. Atlanta Parent picked our favorite baby products for each time of the day.

Feeding time


Kleynimals flatware. This non-toxic, food grade stainless steel silverware is safe for baby. The three-piece set comes in arctic or safari friends designs, and is made in the USA. Available at kleynimals.com. $35.95

EZPZ ‘Happy Mat’ Silicone Feeding Mat. These mats will make meal time fun, and will suction to the table for fewer spills. Foods can be separated, and they are dishwasher safe for easy clean up. They come in mini-mats and bowls as well for every type of meal. Available at ezpzfun.com. $24.99

Boon Snug universal sippy cup lids. Put this stretchable lid on most any cup you have at home, and turn it into a sippy cup. These are great for restaurants as well, when you forget to bring your child’s sippy cup. Available at booninc.com. $9.99 for a pack of three.

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– Teresa Farkas

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