Stan the Lovesick Snowman at Center for Puppetry Arts

My five-year-old daughter Micah and I decided to enjoy the winter indoors at the Center for Puppetry Arts, where we encountered the story of an icy guy with a warm heart!  We were charmed by “Stan the Lovesick Snowman,” which entertained with puppet performances and the elaborate set.  
The stage details were a cause for chatter when the audience arrived to find the onset winter wonderland.  From the glitter of the fake snow to the details of the log cabin, to the puppets dressed in winter scarves, mitten, and hats, the decorations made us feel the sensation of winter.  Brr!
The puppets and music in the show were age-appropriate and the music was such a hit that at some points my daughter Micah and I sang along.  We found the story of Stan, a snowman who falls in love with a wood burning stove, to be fun and kind of silly. We didn’t stop smiling the whole time.  Stan expressed emotions that are felt by people young and old alike.  This story really reminds you of the principle of loving what you have and not focusing on what you do not have. 
Finally, the puppeteers made an appearance at the end of the play to describe how the puppets work, the reasons for using different sized puppets, and how to move around the set with puppets.  After the play we decided to check out the museum which included the many types of puppets and some interactive areas.  To top off our adventure we visited the workshop area to make our very own snow girl… no snow needed! Volunteers assist kids with puppet making and there are many art supplies to choose from so no two projects look alike! The workshop is included in the admission price. Remember to arrive early as seats fill quickly.

Caren Lightfoot

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