What you’ll need:

Clothespins (the squeeze kind)
Pipe cleaners
Heavyweight construction paper
Colored markers
Color and decorate top of clothespins with markers. Each clothespin will be a butterfly body. You can add eyes and a smile if desired.
Cut a 12-inch pipe cleaner in half. Each 6-inch section will make one pair of butterfly antenna. Crease in the middle to form a “V”. Wrap each end of the bent pipe cleaner once around the end of a pencil.
Squeeze your clothespin open and put a drop of glue on the end. Attach the point of the “V” and snap pin closed. Let dry.
Take a 4×4-inch piece of colored construction paper and draw butterfly wings lightly in pencil. If you fold your paper in half down the middle before you cut it out, then both sides will match exactly.
Decorate the butterfly wings with colored markers, adding lively squiggles, dots and lines. Put a line of glue down the middle and attach the butterfly body. Let dry.
For fun, make several and hang them up across a room by clamping them onto a string.


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