Activity: Butterfly Magnets

 Children love butterflies, so try making these pretty magnets.

Kitchen sponges (1 sponge makes 2 butterflies)
Small round magnets
Elastics and pipe cleaners
Hot glue gun
Glitter glue
Bling – i.e. sequins, plastic jewels, glitter etc.

Cut your kitchen sponge in half. Tie them in the centre with an elastic band. Ideally a transparent one or one the same color as the sponge.
Bend a pipe cleaner in half and put a little twist in the bottom just above the fold. Wrap it around the center tie of the sponge; make another twist, then use a pencil to shape the head. Wrap the pipe cleaner around it and make another twist above it. Use the pencil to wind the pipe cleaner around to make curly antennae.
Decorate first with the glitter glue pen. Then use dots of the glitter glue to add sequins and jewels. Use a hot glue gun to stick on the magnets. Make sure you press it together tightly and hold for about 30 secs when gluing it on, this makes it hold better.
Let them dry overnight to set properly.



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