by Teresa Farkas

Buying your child a tablet requires lots of research. Here are some fun and educational options to make the decision easier.

Toddlers and Early Elementary

Amazon Fire HD 6 Kids Edition
This tablet comes with a two-year damage warranty, which is great for kids. It allows you to create profiles for each child in your family, and you can have unlimited access to kids’ apps, movies and games for $2.99 per month. Available at for $99.

Fable Children’s Tablet
Kids can take photos with the built-in camera and share them with friends connected through the Parent Managed Friends List. To protect kids from inappropriate material they may find on the internet, it does not have a browser. In the VizitMe store you can purchase kid-friendly games, videos and books for ages 3-10. Available at for $129.99-$164.

LeapFrog Epic
The Epic is ideal for children 5 and younger, and many educational Android-based LeapFrog apps are already included. It is expensive to download other party apps, but if you want your child to have a tablet for purely educational use that could be a positive. Available at for $128-$139.99.

All Ages

Apple iPad Mini 2
This device allows access to over 1 million apps on the Apple App Store, which can be approved and shared between family members. It includes a 5-megapixel camera and a great screen for reading. This tablet can grow with your child. The iPad has a great content-filtering system and parental management features. Be sure to get a strong case when using with younger children. Available at for $199-$269.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK
If your child is a big reader, this tablet may be the right choice because of the many children’s books available in the Barnes and Noble library. It may be on the more expensive side, but this device can grow with your child as well, and can be used as a reading device for years. It also has Google Play, which can be used to download other apps, movies, songs and games. Available at for $399.99.

Middle or High School

Kurio Smart
This tablet is similar to the Microsoft Surface, but with a lower price point. It runs Windows 10, has a long battery life and includes a keyboard for easy typing. For school papers and projects it has the Microsoft Office suite included as well as many other movies, apps and games. Available at for $169.99.

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