Try these apps for new parents. They’re designed to make the first years with your baby a little bit easier.

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Baby MedBasics

Clueless on what to do when your baby has a medical emergency? Look to this app for advice on burns, CPR, choking and bleeding. It provides lifesaving tips and step-by-step instructions for scary scenarios. Available in the iTunes store, $2.99.

Milk Maid

This app helps you keep track of feeding times and how much your baby is nursing, as well as how much you have left in bottles. Available in the iTunes store, $3.99.

Cloud Baby Monitor

This monitor is genius for new parents that need to leave the room or leave the baby with a babysitter. You can turn any Apple device into a baby monitor with live sound, video footage, and noise/motion alerts. You need to leave one device in your baby’s room, and keep one with you for an instant baby monitor. Available in the iTunes store, $3.99.


Need some white noise to help baby fall asleep? This app recreates sounds heard inside the womb, used to relax and calm the listener. Available in the iTunes store, $4.99. Android store, $2.99.

Baby Bundle

Parents, nannies and caregivers can record and edit a baby’s daily activities including sleeping, feeding and changing. You can also track baby appointments and growth. Another feature called “mumsnet” is basically a chat room for new parents. Available in the iTunes store, free.

– Teresa Farkas

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