Atlanta Parent talked to Astrid Martinez, reporter and host of “Astrid in ATL” on CBS46, who is mom to Jolie, 15.

What’s your go-to craft or activity?

  • We love board games and playing Jenga.
  • We love movies, so we’ll watch movies together, and we’ll do projects after we’re done watching it and have a discussion. We love the arts, and she’s a very artsy person, so she’s doing more reading and watching films.
  • During school, she would typically have something quick—cereal or toast, then rush out the door. Now, we get to wake up, have a nice breakfast, take a walk, and then start school. We get to really curate our day every single day.

What’s your go-to meal? 

I’ve had a lot of fun cooking during this time. I made ground beef lasagna with homemade sauce, as I’m getting to take my time with it. For breakfast, I’ll mix yogurt with fruit and sunflower seeds. I’m roasting a lot of chicken, which is so easy. Sometimes for work, I’d be in a rush. Now, I get to do things fresh every day, following a recipe or putting a twist on a recipe, like making an Italian recipe but using Latin seasoning. We can sit down and eat together.

When I can, I shop farmers markets and local products. On days I don’t want to cook, we’ll get takeout. Right now really is a time for coming together as a community. We are facing a lot of challenges, but it’s a unique opportunity to reimagine and rebuild. If we’re not being affected financially, think about the people who are and how we can help them. In spite of all the challenges we’re facing, this is a gift from our universe to reconnect and rebuild our community with compassion.

What do you do when she says, “I’m bored?”

Clean your room.

Sometimes when she’d go to school she’d have anxiety, like a normal teenager, but now, she misses school and what gave her anxiety. I give her paper and pen to write and journal what she’s feeling and thinking.

Is there an educational app or activity she enjoys?

At her age, she really has to learn on her own. I’ve helped her with a history paper on women’s suffrage, as I covered that topic as a journalist. For math or physics, she’ll FaceTime my brother, as he’s a pilot and he can help with those topics. She’s enjoyed calling people and having them help her.

How are you connecting to other relatives and friends during this time? 

We have a list of people we FaceTime religiously. Technology has helped us connect during this time. We’re very privileged they’re healthy, we’re healthy, and we can still talk to them. We’re very grateful for that.

What other advice do you have for Moms at this time?

Tempers or patience can be worn very quickly. You don’t have to be the perfect teacher. You’re a parent as well. Take a break. Be a source of energy for your children. Connect with your inner child to meet your child on their level.

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