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Make the ‘Kids’ Table’ a Fun Spot This Year with Crafts and Games

by Pam Molnar

This year, make the kids’ table the best one in the house by recreating Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving. Entertain the kids with a showing of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, crafts, games and of course, Chef Snoopy’s famous Thanksgiving meal (Jelly beans, popcorn, pretzels and toast). Decorate the kid’s table with a disposable green table cloth. Add some white tape lines and you have recreated the ping pong table where Snoopy served his guests.


Charlie Brown Shirts
Purchase solid yellow shirts at the craft store along with black felt sheets. Make a template of the zigzag pattern from Charlie Brown’s famous shirt. Have the kids trace it on the black felt, cut it out and hot glue it in place. Make one zigzag for each side of the shirt. (Felt might not survive the laundry; if you want the shirt to last more than one wearing, use black fabric and fabric glue.)

Chef Snoopy Hat
Supplies needed to make one hat:
2 pieces of white 8 by 11½ white paper
5 feet of white parchment paper
1 rubber band (elastic)
1 sheet of black felt
Scotch Tape

Tape the two pieces of paper together at shorter end. Fold the paper in half lengthwise and then in half again. This will be the band of the hat.
Measure the band around the child’s head and cut off any excess paper.
Fold the parchment paper back and forth as if you are making a fan (1” strips).
Open up the fan and tape inside the folded band of the hat. Staple into place starting in middle and on ends and then filling in between the staples.
Wrap band in a circle but do not secure. Gather up fanned parchment paper and wrap the rubber band around the edge to hold it together.
Now flip the band inside out so the rubber band is hidden inside the hat.
Secure the band to fit the child’s head.
Fluff out the hat so it is puffy on the sides.
Trace and cut out Snoopy ears on black felt.
Hot glue the ears to the inside of the band.


Popcorn Eating Contest
Popcorn was a staple at Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving. To play the game, give every player a small bowl of popcorn and two pretzel rods. On go, the first person to finish eating his bowl of popcorn, using only the pretzel rods to pick it up, is the winner.

Jelly Bean Separation Anxiety
Place a handful of jelly beans in front of each person. The players have to separate the jelly beans by color into piles or paper cups. The first one to separate all their jelly beans is the winner.

Pin the Football in the Goal
A spin on Pin the Tail on the Donkey, this game is one for all ages. Create a goal post out of paper and stick it to the wall. Cut out miniature footballs for the players to pin. Blindfold the players and see who can get their football in the goal.

Charlie Brown Trivia
This is a good game for older kids who have seen the movie “a million times.” Come up with your own questions by watching the movie ahead of time or use these questions.
1. Who was the first guest Peppermint Patty invited?
2.  Who helped Snoopy prepare dinner?
3.  Was Sally part of the Thanksgiving meal?
4.  What did Snoopy and Woodstock eat when everyone left?
5.  What were Snoopy and Woodstock wearing?
6.  Who is Sally supposed to write her essay about?
7.  What are the only things Charlie Brown can cook?
8.  Who says grace at Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving?
9.  What time is Charlie Brown supposed to be at his Grandmother’s house?
10.  Who got the bigger piece of the wishbone at the end?

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