Planning a family celebration? Use these fun ideas for making the birthday boy or girl feel extra-special.

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Go crazy with the birthday decor. Make his room, the house and the yard feel celebratory. Hang banners and streamers, blow up balloons, sprinkle confetti everywhere and make signs for the yard.

Plan Activities

Cater to her interests. What does she like to do? If she’s a budding fashionista, hold a runway show. Have a spa day. Play video games or karaoke. Cook together. Sit in on a virtual art or coding class. Watch her favorite show.

Say “Yes” for a Day

As much as you can, let him choose how his day will go – what he eats, what he does or what he watches. Host a movie night and let him choose the movie and his snacks. Let him decide what games the family plays and what you order for dinner.

Make a Video Connection

Host an online party, where the guests can see each other and play games like charades or Pictionary. Use a service like Teleparty to host a movie-watching party with friends.

Go on a Treasure Hunt

Create a list of clues or a map that leads toa hidden gift. For a scavenger hunt, make a list of items to find indoors or outdoors.

Driveway Wishes

Leave sidewalk chalk on the driveway so family, friends and neighbors can drop by to sign and decorate it with birthday wishes, messages and doodles.

Big-as-Life Game

Create an outdoor, life-size version of a favorite board game. For Candyland, use spray chalk or cut out squares for the pathway. Decorate with oversize candy canes, lollipops and cutout characters and get ready to step into a game!

Join the Parade

Invite family members, friends and neighbors to participate in a drive-by parade. Ask them to decorate their cars with signs or balloons and drive past your house at a set time.

– Emily Webb

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