If winter weather has your family stuck inside more than usual, try livening things up with a craft. Don’t worry; we found projects that are fun, winter-themed and, most important, simple for kids to do. Follow the links for more detailed instructions on how to make these adorable creations.

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Paper Snowflakes

Paper snowflakes are an easy winter-inspired craft. If you want a creative upgrade, use coffee filters, washable markers, water and an eye dropper or measuring spoon to create snowflakes out of coffee filters.

DIY Snowman Puppet

Snowman Puppet

Kids will love that this is a craft plus a toy. With just a few simple items (white yarn, Styrofoam, felt, pipe cleaners, string, a dowel or skewer and scissors), you can create this adorable snowman puppet that will entertain the kids after craft time is over. Want a more bedazzled snowman? Feel free to add glitter, rhinestones and feathers.

DIY snow globe with picture

Snow Globe

Preserve winter memories with this creative keepsake. You’ll fill a plastic snow globe with a photograph and other decorations, including glitter, for a magical craft or gift for loved ones.

Winter Tree Finger Painting

Little painters have fun with this one and it is a great fine motor activity as well. It only involves three supplies—blue construction paper, white paint and a black marker. Kids have the option to either finger paint the snow or use a Q-tip.

Pom Pom Hot Cocoa Mug Craft

It doesn’t get much cuter and cozier than these cocoa mugs. With construction paper, pom poms, glue, scissors, ribbon and a little help from parents with the cutting, kids can create their own crafty cocoa. They’ll probably ask to drink some too so be sure to have the hot chocolate and marshmallows handy.

Snow Shooters

This is the craft that keeps on giving. By decorating a Styrofoam cup like a snowman, cutting a hole in the bottom and covering it with a balloon, kids can have a “snow shooter” to launch “snowballs” (cotton balls) at each other. Genius.

Sparkly Snow Slime

If you are okay with a little mess, this one is worth it. You and your kids can create your own snow slime with glue, borax, water and glitter.  To give it a wintery smell, add a few drops of peppermint extract. Kids already love slime but they particularly love this slime because of the snow and glitter factors.

Water Bottle Penguins

Kids go crazy for these little penguins that are easy and cheap to make. They love stuffing the water bottle with cottons balls, decorating their penguin and the best part, playing with their penguin.

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