Things are heating up out there. We may be moms, but we still like to look hot (without looking hot). Because when we look good, we feel good. And when we feel good, we are more patient with our children. Check out our beauty tips for keeping your cool this summer.

Don’t Sweat it; Spray it

When it’s hot, you sweat. And when your face sweats, it’s not pretty. Sure, a little glistening glow is fine. But this is Atlanta. We are dealing with full on dripping-into-your-eyes sweat. Try a hydrating facial mist like this one by Mario Badescu. With aloe, cucumber and green tea, you’ll feel refreshed after a couple of sprays. You can also make your own hydrating mist with a recipe like this.

Pony Up with a Top Knot

If the pony tail is your go-to hot weather do, take it up a notch with a top knot. This is summer’s take on the messy bun. The beauty of the top knot (besides the fact that it’s super cute), is that all your hair is truly up and away from your face and neck, unlike it’s sister-hairstyle, the pony tail.

Refresh Your Aroma

Sweat stinks. And no matter how much deodorant you use, it’s no match for all the sweaty summer activities we moms do–from pushing kids on swings to supervising at the pool. Carry baby wipes with you to wipe down your face, chest, neck and hands. If you are a mom with a kid in diapers, you’re a step ahead because you already carry baby wipes.

Minimize the Makeup

Foundation, eye shadow, lip stick–it all just weighs you down. And when you get hot, it all starts to smear and smudge anyway. This summer, just stick to the essentials: a moisturizer with sunscreen (duh!), a little concealer, cream blush and mascara. Save the smoky eye look for a night out–when the temperatures are (a little bit) cooler.

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