Participation in the arts offers many benefits to learners, whether they’re interested in dance, music, drama, visual arts, architecture, graphic design or filmmaking. These schools in Atlanta and beyond have a strong emphasis on the arts, inspiring creativity and creating a comprehensive educational experience.

Atlanta International School

The arts programs at AIS are foundational to STEAM learning and play a critical role in developing students who are not only critical thinkers and complex problem solvers, but who can also communicate and create across disciplines. Theatre, Music, and Visual Arts emphasize creativity and innovation, and also focus heavily on learning the craft, i.e. the processes and techniques of the art form. Serving grades PK-12 in Atlanta.

The Knox School

Knox Visual and Performing Arts help students unlock their potential. With beginner and advanced classes in studio arts, photography, ceramics, digital art and design, theatre, choir, stagecraft, and more, students have the opportunity to develop artistic skills, build confidence, find an artistic “voice,” and prepare college-ready portfolios under the guidance of a masterful faculty. Located in St. James, New York, Knox serves grades 6-12.

The Mount Vernon School

Arts programs at Mount Vernon include dozens of unique curricular and extra-curricular experiences, giving students real-world opportunities. Whether it’s a recording studio, art studio, film studio, or dance studio, art that changes the world gets made where artists are empowered to explore. The Mount Vernon School is reimagining arts education to propel student creativity and connect them with an ever-expanding creative industry. Serving grades PK-12 in Atlanta.

Pace Academy

Pace Academy provides a high level of artistic experience and knowledge and embeds study of the visual and performing arts in its curriculum at every grade level. Students are encouraged to explore and experiment in the arts, to find and pursue their passions. Pace emphasizes process and tradition while remaining current with pedagogy within each discipline. Performance and visual arts opportunities provide outlets to share talents both within and outside the Pace community. Located in Atlanta, Pace serves PreFirst-12th grade.

The Walker School

Students at The Walker School have the opportunity to explore the arts under the direction of practicing painters, sculptors, musicians, writers, and directors. At the upper school level, students can become involved in gallery exhibitions, in musical and dramatic festivals, and in Advanced Placement courses. Walker provides many avenues through which students can expand their creativity and infuse their own voice into their art, gaining a greater understanding of themselves and the world. Serving grades PK3-12 in Atlanta.

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