Atlanta Music High School

1127 Colquitt Ave. NE, Atlanta
Phone: 404-614-0466

Atlanta Music High School empowers classical, jazz, rock and folk music students (grades 6-8, 9-12) with an education that is not only accredited, but that is also sensitive and responsive to the time and resources it takes for a passionate young performer or composer to become a great musician.

Founded in 2016, AMHS brought the professional faculty of two independent and established schools, Community Music Centers of Atlanta and Capstone Academy, into collaboration for the purpose of offering rigorous academics and deep immersion in pre-professional musical training locally.

AMHS works with parents and students to arrange dual enrollment at AMHS and Capstone or another public or private school of their choice.  Homeschool academics are also an option.  Academic schedules are condensed and tailored to provide ample time for passionate musicians to develop musical artistry and a capstone portfolio by graduation.  The AMHS experience balances and harmonizes the demands of traditional academics with immersion in intensive training, which is crucial for student happiness and success.

AMHS believe students who strive to develop an elite level of skills and their own authentic artistic perspective are prepared for life, whether they choose to continue in music or to go in another direction for college.  Visit for more information or call 404-614-0466 to schedule a tour, interview or scholarship audition.