It’s cupcake time! Why do we love cupcakes? Let us count the ways…

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One Size Does Not Fit All.

From cake pops to cupcakes baked in small jelly jars, there are endless ways to enjoy the popular sweet. Personalize a basic cupcake with shaped cupcake pans or funky-printed paper liners.


Specialty cupcakes come in every flavor, from red velvet to key lime pie to maple bacon. Re-create your favorites at home by experimenting with different fillings and offer guests a few varieties.

Less Stress.

Cakes can be lopsided, crumbly or stick to the pan, but it’s hard to mess up a cupcake. If one batch goes awry, there’s usually plenty of batter to try again. And it’s easier to transport cupcakes than a three-layer cake in the back seat of your car.

Less Waste.

You won’t be stuck with leftover cake or a messy cake plate to clean. You can deliver leftover cupcakes to co-workers or neighbors, or store them in the freezer for your next occasion.

Wow the crowd at your next birthday party with these fun cupcake-themed ideas.

  • Arrange cupcakes in giant numbers corresponding to your child’s age for an eye-catching display.
  • String together cupcake liners on a piece of yarn for a cute and easy garland.
  • Host a make-your-own-cupcake party: set out bowls of frosting and toppings like sprinkles, small candies and mini marshmallows, and let the kids go wild.
  • Cut out scraps of fabric and paper to look like icing and cupcakes and let kids make a collage to take home.
  • Pin the candle on the cupcake. Cut a large cupcake out of poster board, blindfold the kids and let them try to pin the candle in the right spot.

– Teresa Farkas and Alexi Wilbourn

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