Tooth Truths About the Tooth Fairy

  • Today’s American tooth fairy began to appear in popular culture in the early 1900s.
  • The tooth fairy visits each child around 20 times (that’s how many baby teeth children have).
  • August 22 is National Tooth Fairy Day.
  • The fairy’s average cash gift is $5.36, which is lower than the average in the South of $5.77.
  • She doesn’t always wear a dress or have wings. In some European and Spanish-speaking countries, the tooth fairy dresses as a mouse.

Fairy Fabulous!

Amp up the magic of the tooth fairy experience for your child. After all, they’re only young once!

  • Ask the tooth fairy questions, get her advice and track lost teeth. Find the resources on her page at and on
  • Leave a trail of glitter or confetti on the windowsill or night stand where the fairy visited in the night.
  • Fold money left by the fairy into fun origami shapes—a heart, shirt, star or flower.
  • Leave a tiny note or certificate from the fairy congratulating your child on their tooth loss. Decorate with glitter or colorful pens and stickers for a magical letter.
  • Have your child leave a thank you note for the tooth fairy. It’s a great way to get them to practice their handwriting and express gratitude.
  • Make a mini wand out of a straw or paper craft stick and felt. Be sure to add glitter and leave it with the tooth fairy’s gift or note. Your child will be in awe that she left her wand behind!

Read All About Her!

Cuddle up with a book about her for an evening activity. Here are some of our favorites:

Did the Tooth Fairy Miss Your House?

The next morning (when you realize) have a good excuse at the ready—she got the wrong house, she had to have wing surgery, or she was in a meeting with Santa, the Easter Bunny, etc. Then, make a splash with her make-up visit, including an apology note with her reason for missing your stop.

Gifts Galore!

If you really want to make the tooth fairy shine, here are some ideas to try:

  • Hold the Magic offers tiny gifts and stories to deliver a magical experience from the tooth fairy. Themed sets include Petite Princess with a miniature tea set, jewelry box and more; Little Prince comes with a violin, an artist palette and more; and each set comes with three tiny letters, three ready-to-gift bags and fairy dust.
  • Gift them something you know they love. A pack of Pokemon cards or a Hatchimals egg personalizes the tooth fairy experience for your little one.
  • Leave behind a tooth fairy pillow. It will make your job easier next time, plus it’s something cute for your child to keep. The AppleWhite store on Etsy has multiple cute fairy houses, tee-pees, beehives and tree houses.

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