The Best Ways & Ideas for Stuffed Animal Storage

Kids love stuffed animals because they’re soft, cute and oh so cuddly. They become so attached to these fluffy creatures that they often refuse to part with any of them. Hence they end up all over the floor. Pinterest is crawling with storage solutions–from cages to clothespins. And while all are clever, we believe the best home for your kids’ favorite friends is simple, accessible and doesn’t take up a lot of space. Check out our favorite stuffed animal storage ideas.

Shoe Organizer

Basically, any hanging shoe organizer can be used to store stuffed animals. Try this basic one from Target with ten box-shaped holes for shoes. It’s affordable, beyond simple to hang and allows for easy access to furry friends. If you need to have several, perhaps your child could do some prioritizing–top ten stuffed animals get the prime spot in the front of the closet, less precious ones can hang in the back.

Large, Decorative Bin

If your kid is okay with her plush friends being piled on top of each other and you just need an easy place to toss them all at the end of the day, try a big bin. And have fun with it. We love this brightly painted trash can with a liner. If seeing the stuffed animals is important to your child, go for a wire or iron basket like this one from The Container Store. Just don’t make the mistake of getting something too small; Err on the side of too big, or else you could end up with some stragglers.

Mesh Hanging Storage

Your kids’ stuffed animals will love living in these brightly colored, tiered organizers. Check out Amazon for tons of options, including some with six levels of storage. Kids can easily stuff their stuffed buddies into these compartments and best of all, they can check on them and see that they are living the mesh storage dream.

Scarf Hanger

If you haven’t figured it out by now, we really like solutions that involve hanging up stuffed animals. That’s because it gets them up off the floor and often, into a closet. Obviously, we couldn’t leave the scarf hanger off our list.  The round hangers, meant for scarves, are perfect for small to medium-sized stuffed friends, some dangling and some perching. If you put it on a hook in your child’s room, it becomes a decoration, albeit out of the closet.

Stackable Storage Bins

Okay, this solution is not the most affordable but think of it like furniture. These adorable, functional storage bins (found at Target) can hold so many stuffed animals. And even when you are out of the stuffed animal stage (that happens eventually, right?) these bins still work for storing just about anything else. We like that they are deep and come in all sorts of bright colors.

If stacking is your priority but you don’t want to pay for two of these babies, go with these plastic, open front, laundry-basket style stackable bins from Walmart. They come in fun colors too and are definitely worthy of your kids’ favorite fluffy friends.

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